Thursday, July 31, 2008

So fun

Yes, Aaron is trying to get Eli to do a summer sault! Eli has been getting in the "hike" position and just laughing. So, Aaron decided to teach him how to flip over. He thinks it's hilarious when he flips over. He has done it on his own once, but that was truly by mistake! Oh the days to be so limber again...

Again! Again! Again!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exploration Place

Last night we decided we would take Eli to do something fun. I have been to the Exploration Place several times when I worked for the day camp at the rec center. It had some really great things in it that I thought Eli would enjoy. Obviously I knew that a lot of it would be over his head, but Aaron had never been there either. So, we set out for our adventure. I have to say that we were very disappointed. They have taken out some of the exhibits b/c they added their "Human Body" exhibit, which by the way costs an extra 25 dollars! The kid's area was ok, but it hasn't been update since they built the Exploration Place. The carpet was gross, things were broken.... Needless to say Aaron and I were not impressed. Eli, on the other hand, could really care less where we were. He was just so happy to do something with his mommy and daddy! I guess that's all that really matter, right?

The largest bear - in the guiness book of world records

Cool tunnel that was dark with glow-in-the-dark starts!

The sunflower laughed when you stuck your hand/head in there!

Flying the airplane

Watching the ball go through the water

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Way to Sit At The Table!

I had to post these pictures b/c they're so cute! Apparently this is the a new way to sit and eat a snack. No - I do not let him get away with this all the time, but he looked so cute I couldn't help my self!

Project somewhat complete...

After long hours for Aaron, the flooring for the deck is complete! We will have to wait to put up railing. For now, you can see Aaron's quick fix to keeping Eli from plunging off the edge! So far it works great! Eli loves to play on it and they way that our house is setting, it's shaded all evening.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Project After Another

So with building a new house we have a lot of projects we'd like to get done. Obviously we can't get them all done right away, but one things we've been really wanting is a deck. So, that's our new adventure! We enjoy sitting outside and have a nice view of a field and horses behind our house. It will be so nice when it's completed! So far we have the flooring. That should be complete today, the railing will have to wait! Here are the beinning stages! I'll post pictures when the flooring is complete!

Aaron and Steve getting started!
What a project!!
It's going to be big!

Poor Aaron - he's working by himself today and it's hot out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a mess!

So today Eli decided to clean out his drawers in his room. This is something I have been meaning to do for a while and apparently he had the same idea! You can tell by the look on his face that he was very proud of himself!

So, he has the baskets cleaned out...

Now, on to the drawers!

So proud of myself!

Girls Weekend

Sorry - I don't have any pictures to post. About half way to KC, I realized I forgot my camera. But, this weekend some friends and I went to KC for the weekend to just get away. It was a time for us to relax and the husband's to experience a little bit of what we go through on a day to day basis! It was a great time and a very relaxing trip. For those of you who are looking for a little get a way trip KC can definitely provide you with that.

We got there Saturday afternoon and ate lunch at TGIFriday's. Then headed to Oak Park Mall where we spend SEVERAL hours shopping. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time shopping for hours! I know shopping should be a girls thing, but it's not really my cup of tea! After shopping, we went to have pedicures. That is more up my alley. After spending hours on our feet, it was nice to have someone pamper us! I got my toes painted with little flowers on them. I did take a picture those when I got home!

It's kind of a small picture, but you can see how pretty the flower is! That was my big slurge for the weekend!

Oh yeah - my friend Laura got her ears peirced for the first time ever!!! That was exciting, and they look good!!

After getting pampered, we headed down to the plaza to eat supper at 8pm. Yes, I said 8pm! That's the latest I've eaten supper ever! We went to eat at Feelio's on the plaza. There are so many wonderful places to eat down at the plaza and this one is right up there! If you're needing a place to eat - try it out!

We wrapped up the evening with heading back to my uncle's house, where we were staying. We stayed up talking til 1am! Again, the latest I've been up for a really, really long time. At least by my own choice!!

Needless to say, I came back from the weekend feeling really rejuvinated and ready to go again. It was a great trip and so much fun. We've decided to to make it an annual trip!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ring Around The Rosie!

Eli loves to play "Ring Around the Rosie." He gets going so fast he can't keep his balance and falls. He's starting to say "ashes, ashes" in the song too. How fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Harvest with Grandpa

Eli's grandpa works on a farm for the summers and loves to harvest. This summer was Eli's first time out to the farm to ride in the combine. He loved it and called it a "mow", which is short for mower. I guess it's kind of like a mower! Needless to say, he enjoyed it, but couldn't last too long confined in one spot! Thanks grandpa for letting me ride!

Grandpa Kirtley and Eli

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Look what I can do!

Things were so much easier when Eli was contained to his little own bouncey seat! Now that he can walk/run, he's into climbing. The other day we realized how closely we'll have to watch him. He has now figured out how to climb into the rocking chair in the living room. He's worked pretty hard at it and is really proud of himself that he can do it! Here's a little clip of him and his success!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can you say "ouch?"

Well... we've been working Eli's vocabulary. It's so fun to hear him say new words. Last night Eli accidently scratched Aaron's eye. It was so bad that we had to go into the doctor and well.. you can see from the pictures how bad it is! Needless to say, Eli keeps going to his daddy and saying "ouch." Poor Aaron! He's in a lot of pain and on a lot of pain medicine!