Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have had several of you email me and ask about Cora and what was going on. I thought this would be the easiest way to update you.

I mentioned before that they found lots of spots on her liver. They did more tests and found that the cancer is all over her body. She has Neuroblastoma and is at a Stage 4. The doctors are very optimistic that the chemo will get we're still waiting and praying.

They were going to be able to take her home yesterday or today, but she had some seeping from her incision, so she went back into surgery to fix it. She is doing ok and is recovering from that. Hopefully they'll get to go home soon. The plan is to start chemo some time next week, after allowing her body more time to heal.

I am listing Jess's blog site where you can go and read about their journey. She does such a better job of explaining what is happening. She also has praises and prayer requests on there. Please check it out and KEEP PRAYING. The power of prayer is amazing and they are being surrounded by TONS of it!

Here is their beautiful family: Jess, Cora and Joel