Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eli's Jacque!

This is Eli's Jacque:

Jacque is our neighbor from across the street. Jacque and her husband, Daryl, have known Aaron since he was born. Now we are lucky enough to be neighbors with them!

Today we went to visit Jacque at work. She works for Hartman Arena, the new arena in Park City. It's great. I can't wait to go to a concert there. We got to see all the back stage stuff, locker rooms, etc. We even got to see the dressing room for opening acts....Alan Jackson is coming March 28!

This is one view of the arena!

This is the office cat, Charlie! Eli kept calling him Wallace, which is Jacque's cat's name at home!

Thanks everyone at Hartman Arena for letting us come and see the place! It looks great and you have an amazing group of people working there! Especially Eli's Jacque!

** So Daryl doesn't feel left out...we did go see Daryl's work too! We took him some lunch, but he's a busy man (a tax man!) Thanks you guys for letting us come and check things out! Eli loves you both!