Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arrival date

So I went to the doctor this morning for my glucose test! It's always so fun to drink the stuff they give you and wait around for an hour. (If you can't tell...I'm being sarcastic!) I did choose the orange flavor, so it wasn't too bad!

The exciting part of my visit was to choose the arrival date for this baby! Since I had a c-section with Eli, I will be having another one this go round as well. As most of you know, the planning for this baby was not the greatest....ok so maybe not planned at all..or unexpected! School starts on August 13th and I'm due the 27th. My goal is to be at school for at least a week to get to know the kids! I know what you're's the hottest month of the year! BUT...I teach Kindergarten! It's so important for me to be there! Anyways, we have set the date for Friday, August 21st! That gives me exactly 1 week at school with kids!!!

This makes me feel good! I now know when I can expect to go in so I can start planning things. finish the baby room so I can actually start thinking about school again! I guess I'm not getting much of a summer off! Lots of school work to do....but it's worth it to bring this little guy into this world!!!


Jenny said...

Isn't it nice to know when the baby will be here? Especially when planning stuff for school! Good luck!!
If you need any help with anything, let me know...I miss getting stuff ready for a new school year. =)

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

We LOVE the 21st of each month in this house. Luke was born on July 21. So, these boys can celebrate their monthly birthdays each month together :)