Monday, July 27, 2009

we gave in....

We have been talking about getting a battery operated mower for a while, but there were a lot of things that kept telling us to wait.
He's too young
He wouldn't be able to drive it and just get frustrated
It's expensive
There was no particular reason for it....his birthday had already passed!
It's a long way until Christmas!
He's older
He has a 4-wheeler, but it doesn't drive very well

This morning he was trying to drive the 4-wheeler and Aaron and I decided it was just a piece of junk! (We got it on ebay for Christmas) It was used....that explains most of it!!

So we made a trip to Walmart to look at the mowers. We couldn't help it. We had to get him one. Something about him looking up at us with those big eyes! He says, "It's a mower(jumping up and down). I get one?? Please???"
We had already discussed money and things and knew we were going to get him one anyways! it is!! Eli did a GREAT job waiting paitiently as Daddy put it together. Then of course, as soon as Aaron gets done putting the stickers on it, it starts raining. So he had to ride it in the garage!!

Apparently his old mower isn't good enough anymore! He's hawling it and his weed-eater in the back!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Usually every Saturday, we go to Druber's for donuts. I know, it's not good for you! I don't remember how it started, but it's like Eli knows which days are Saturday's! He'll say, "Go get donuts at the donut store?" is Eli enjoying his donuts! Today Aaron was working, so we took a box of donuts to the fire station for them to enjoy too!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

a present

So this is a little early...

My birthday is August 15. Aaron has known that I really wanted a nice glider rocker for Eli, but never got one. They're expensive and with all the things you have to get for a new baby, we decided against it. number 2 is on the way and I still really wanted one! So Aaron and my parents went in together to get me one for my birthday! I LOVE it!
Even Aaron really likes it! (So maybe that means it won't take too much conviencing for him to get up with the baby??!!)

Even Eli LOVES it!! We had to rock in it together before his nap today. We talked and talked about how the baby will sleep in the baby bed, like Ollie's baby. (We watched Ollie and Lily one day and I tried to lay Lily down in the crib...she didn't like it too much!) He then went on to tell me about how Ollie's baby cried and we had to get her a blankie. Yep...he's right! How does he remember this?

I asked him if he thought his baby brother would cry in the baby bed and he said, "Yes, he will. I'll get him a blankie too!"

This about made me cry! He's going to be a sweet big brother!

Monday, July 20, 2009

what you mean to say.....

After a day I had yesterday, I felt this picture was appropriate! I think I let my hormones get the best of me! I had a lot of people commenting about how big I've gotten....I know I am and I know no one was trying to be mean, but the hormones kicked in and I couldn't really take it anymore! So....I feel better today and realize that I only have 4 1/2 weeks left!!! Yeah for that!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Please pray for our friend Amanda, her husband Jason and their little baby boy Brennen. Brennen is 5 months old and just had heart surgery yesterday. Here is a little blurb that Amanda sent out about how Brennen is doing.

From Amanda: Brennen has been off all meds since 12:15, I got to see my baby's beautiful blue eyes for about 2 minutes at 2:15 (best sight ever!), then right back to sleep. He is trying so hard to wake up. He is not yet ready to breathe on his own, so we had to turn the ventilator back up, but hopefully after another nap he will be ready. The nurses say it is all in his hands from here. He remains our strong boy!

Pray for Brennen's strength and recovery.
Pray for Amanda and Jason as they watch their little boy recover from this surgery and regain his strength.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

104 degrees

What happens when it's 104 degrees??
This guy gets to come inside!

Paco used to come inside our old house. Since we moved we decided to keep him, along with Bailey that we lost, outside. I didn't want my floors getting scratched and hair on my carpet. Well...we only have Paco now and when it's 104 degrees outside, you can't help but feel bad for him! So we let him in yesterday.

He's such a good dog. He just laid there....out of the way....not messing with a thing!

Eli on the other hand was SO excited to have Paco in the house! He kept kissing him and wanted to ride him. He was calling Paco his horse. Poor Paco, he just wanted to lay and enjoy the cool air conditioning and he was being bomb barded by Eli! Oh well....he probably would have taken anything to be in the house yesterday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

so little

Tonight we dug through our storage and got out the baby things.
I was in awe of the clothes that I pulled out of my tubs.
My little Eli used to wear these things and now this new baby will be wearing them.
I'd say we are good to go with onsies!

Yes, this is a premie diaper. Eli was 6 lbs. 8 oz. However, when we left the hospital he was weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs. 13 oz. He then got a little smaller than that! We had to use premie things for a while!

Look at this premie outfit! We had to get just a few things that were premie. He was just too little for the newborn clothes!

Then he was finally big enough to move on to the newborn clothes! This was one of my favorites! He was just so little and snuggly in it!

Now look at him....he's too big! It makes me a little sad when I watch him and how big he's getting. He's grown so much and I've absolutely LOVED being home with him this summer. I have a lot of mixed emotions about school starting. I don't want to go back, but on the other hand it means that this new baby is coming. I have the guilty mom feeling of even having another child. How will Eli feel? Will he question our love for him? Will he feel replaced? I hope not.

almost done

The baby's room is almost done! My birthday is in August, so Aaron and my parents went together and got me a glider rocker. They had to order it, so that's not in there.

I haven't gone through clothes I have nor have I gotten baby swings, bouncers, etc. out! That's my next step! BUT...the paint is done, the bed is ready and it looks like a baby room!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We have a tradition in Newton with the Chisolm Trail Festival that goes on the week of the 4th of July. There is always a parade that falls on the 4th. So Eli and I met Grandpa and Grandma Kirtley and Aunt Nikki! I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the parade this year, but Eli at least enjoyed the beginning....firetrucks!!! AND...his daddy was in it!Here is daddy driving the ambulance!

4th of July

Our 4th was celebrated on Friday because Aaron had to work on the 4th! We have been getting together with our neighbors the last couple of years to celebrate and when I told them that we were going to shoot off our fireworks on Friday, they all decided to join us! They're so nice! I love that there have been more kids that have moved out here lately. It's so fun to have them around and watch them play!

Monday, July 6, 2009 3

A little behind...but here is our last day in Texas! We were gone for 5 days, but 2 of them were spent driving!
On Friday we went to a Science Museum. It had a great place for little kids, like Eli's age, to explore and play. A lot of fun!

Friday Night we headed to an indoor rodeo. It was probably the highlight of Eli's was fun for us too!

Ok...this was crazy. They picked random people from the audience to play a game of poker. The "dealer" was the bull. Last person sitting in their seat...the winner. thanks!!!

The next morning we got up to head back home. It was a great trip and we had so much fun! It's taken us a few weeks to get back into a routine, but we're getting there! I'm so glad we got to take Eli on a fun trip before the baby comes in 6 weeks!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

doctor's appointment

Last week I had another sonogram to check some things they couldn't see in the first sonogram. One thing was to make sure there were 3 vessels in the umbilical cord...yes that was fine. (He had his back to us last time and they couldn't see it!)

The next thing they were checking for was the amount of amniotic fluid. Apparently last time it was a little low...or lower than they would like. (I didn't know this one!) The level is a 6, which is low average. Average is 5-something (I don't remember the number!)

What does this mean? Well...I need to drink more fluids and rest more. I must have looked at him kind of funny because he said, "I know, you have a 2 year old at home!"

So he said to rest the best I can, but to DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! If my levels drop any more, they will take the baby early. Yikes.

I've been drinking, drinking, drinking. I bet you can imagine what happens when you're 32 weeks pregnant and you do all of that drinking. That's right, I feel like I'm only drinking and peeing! (Oh, and chasing a 2 year old around!)

He said he'd check the levels again sometime. Don't know when, but hopefully I'll at least stay where I'm at! I'm on a schedule to have this baby and I really don't want to go any earlier!!!

Here's a picture of the face! Can you see it???? Right away I noticed that it has Eli's lips! Which would be Aaron's lips as well! I LOVE those lips!!!

(Sorry there's all the space! I can't figure out how to fix that!)


Happy 4th of July!!!

I love to look at pictures of Eli as he's grown and changed.
Here is Eli's first 4th of July....3months old!

Eli when he was 15 months old...And Eli at 27 months (2 years!)...

Hope everyone has a great 4th!