Monday, July 27, 2009

we gave in....

We have been talking about getting a battery operated mower for a while, but there were a lot of things that kept telling us to wait.
He's too young
He wouldn't be able to drive it and just get frustrated
It's expensive
There was no particular reason for it....his birthday had already passed!
It's a long way until Christmas!
He's older
He has a 4-wheeler, but it doesn't drive very well

This morning he was trying to drive the 4-wheeler and Aaron and I decided it was just a piece of junk! (We got it on ebay for Christmas) It was used....that explains most of it!!

So we made a trip to Walmart to look at the mowers. We couldn't help it. We had to get him one. Something about him looking up at us with those big eyes! He says, "It's a mower(jumping up and down). I get one?? Please???"
We had already discussed money and things and knew we were going to get him one anyways! it is!! Eli did a GREAT job waiting paitiently as Daddy put it together. Then of course, as soon as Aaron gets done putting the stickers on it, it starts raining. So he had to ride it in the garage!!

Apparently his old mower isn't good enough anymore! He's hawling it and his weed-eater in the back!


The Sieberts said...

that is cute! i havn't noticed those at Wal-Mart. Probably because we're always in the girly dressup/doll section :)

Jenny said...

That is so cute! I bet he LOVES it!!!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I'm amazed that he can steer the thing so well! He won't even need driving lessons in high school!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that he can steer the thing so well!That is so cute! !1
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