Friday, December 18, 2009

cookie decorating

We started a new tradition for our South Breeze staff.
Cookie decorating!
There are 3 of us Kindergarten teachers and we provided ALL the cookies for our kiddos. I believe there were enough for each kid to have at least 9 cookies! They didn't take that many, but there were LOTS of cookies!

Look how excited Little Miss Adalyn was to decorate cookies!

Madalyn was just excited to see Austin!

Surprise visit from Santa! Eli said, "Hi Santa! Come on. Come over here!" Guess he's not shy about Santa anymore!

But...Madalyn was definetly NOT sure about Santa. (Little does she know, it was here Daddy!!)

Cole's too little to know the difference, but had a happy time just hanging out!

Then the cookie decorating began:

and eating....

It was so much fun! It will be fun to continue the tradition from year to year and watch our kids grow up having this tradition. I am truly blessed to work with such great people. As teachers we invest SO much time into other peoples kids...its nice to do things for our own kids to show them how much we LOVE them!


Amy said...

Love this idea. Good for you K teachers for organizing it!