Saturday, May 29, 2010

bath time

One AWESOME thing, among many others, of have 2 boys is that they can take baths together!!!
I have started having Eli and Cole take baths together, especially the nights Aaron is working. It's a lot faster and they do pretty well!
The other night they were splashing and have so much fun!

By the smiles on those faces, I'm going to say they were having a lot of fun!

He loves these things!!

I forgot how the littlest things entertain babies!
Yep, Cole loves the air vents in our house! He bangs on them and he can even pull them up (only the ones on the hardwood floor!)
He also loves how the air blows on his face or hands!
So today I got some cute pictures of him playing with them and then standing by it. He was smiles all the way!!!

I believe this was mid-squeal!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9 months

We had Cole's 9 month pictures taken today! He is such a ham!!! I love his smile!
Here are some of my favs!

Cole's 9 month visit went well! He weighs 19lbs. 6oz.

You are crawling EVERYWHERE!

You pull up to EVERYTHING!

You like to walk behind things and some people think you'll be walking before summer is over! Maybe since you'll be 1 at the end of summer!

You are such a joy to have in our lives.

You make me smile every day and my love grows for you every day!

Love you Baby Cole!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

my cowboy

I love Eli's imagination. He can entertain himself all day long! One of his favorite things is being a cowboy! And cowboys drive tractors, combines and dump trucks! (This is according to Eli!)

So this was my cowboy today!
The high chair was his ladder and he was fixing things!

I love you my little cowboy!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

you would never know...

that I feel down a flight of stairs today, with that smile!!
Yep, I just had to see what happens with those stairs.
I'm fine.
Only have this thing on my eye from hitting a basket at the end of the stairs.
Scared Grandma and Aunt Nikki.
I'm afraid that is only the start of things I'll be doing to scare them and my Mommy!
(And yes, Mom called the doctor's office. They said that babies can handle a lot more than we think. Based off of the things Mom told them, they thought I was fine! I even had Daddy nervous!)

My heart melted when I pulled up and saw his face. I didn't know what had happened. Then when I heard, my heart jumped up to my throat. He's at that age...I completely remember it with Eli. I just wanted to put him in a bubble. I hate when they take spills at this awkward stage. I guess that's why they're so limber! But, like I said, he's fine!

Love you Baby Cole!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I am so blessed that God intrusted us with these two precious boys. They are my world and I am so thankful for them each day. There is no greater joy than being a Mommy!
I am also so blessed to have this amazing woman as my Mom.
She is my best friend.
We talk everyday.
She knows everything about me. (Good and bad!)
She is an awesome Grandma!
She has done so much for me.
I love you Mom for everything you are and everything you have done.
Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

makes me smile...