Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had been looking forward to our trip to Iowa since we had plans finalized! I enjoy traveling and visiting family. So Thrusday night I had things packed and ready to go. Went to bed early and woke up with a cold! Eli had one as well. Called the on call doctor and they let me re-fill his prescription for his sinus infection a week or so ago. So Friday morning Eli started a round of antibiotics and I started cold medicine! Needless to say, I was a little worried about the trip with both of us not feeling the greatest. BUT... it turned out great! We stopped in KC to see my aunt and uncle. I lived with them for a summer and while I student taught, they are amazing people! My aunt hasn't gotten to see Eli since he was a week old.

My Aunt Lynn and Eli!

Then we finished our last 2 1/2 hour trip up to Iowa. We had a blast!
Does it look a little cold? Yes, Eli got to ride a 4-wheeler with his dad and grandpa! He called it a "wheeler!"

Yes, he got to ride a pony! The pony didn't cooperate too much so Eli didn't get to ride too long. That was ok, since it was so cold!
Yes, Eli got to ride on a tractor! He's so spoiled! And yes, it's snowing now! They didn't have the horrible winds that we get, so it wasn't to bad out there!

Aaron gave his grandpa a haircut!

Great Grandpa Charles with Eli

Hanging out in their nice log cabin house!

Beautiful snow!

4 generation picture. Great Grandpa Kirtley, Grandpa Kirtley, Eli and Aaron

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Kirtley for letting us come and stay at your house. We love seeing you and spending time with you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

E - L - I

Whenever Eli colors, we talk about the letters in his name and we write his name for him. Now, lucky for him, he only has 3 letters in his name! Here is a little video clip of him spelling his name!

Potty Chair

Ok, I know a lot of you are going to think that I'm crazy for having a 20 month old sitting on a potty chair, but hear me out! Eli loves the potty, I know it's not the greatest thing to love! He knows about them, knows what you're supposed to do in them ,etc. Every time Aaron or I say we're going to go potty, he runs to the bathroom. Sometimes he'll lift the seat or hand you toilet paper! So, I decided to get him a little potty chair. Not to start potty training, but just to let him experiment with it all. So today was the day! I bought a little chair that plays music when you go to the bathroom in it. The first time I put him on it, he sat a little while and then got up. The chair then spent the rest of the night out in the living room as a regular chair! Then before bed, I took his diaper off and had him sit on it. You're not going to believe this, but he went potty in the potty chair!!!!! I was TOTALLY surprised and SO excited! He was too! He ran out and told Aaron, "pee pee in potty!" So, here are a few pictures of the first time on the chair and then the pee-pee to proove it!!!!

Don't I look so cool on this thing!

So excited!

Here it is!!!! Peeeeeee!


So, I'm sure some of you have read other blogs where people have been tagged. So here are my answers about Aaron! You'll have to read all the way down to see if you've been tagged... (or I guess you can just scroll down!)

Husbands name: Aaron Michael Kirtley. No, we didn't use any family names for our first born. Not really in to that!

How long married: will be 5 years in July. So I guess 4 1/2 years! Dated for 1 1/2 before married.

How old is he: 26... I just had to ask him the other night b/c I can't remember how old I am! I'm older!!!

Taller: Aaron is, but everyone is taller than me!

Who can sing the best: ME! He might beg to differ, but I can carry a tune better! He does have a pretty good voice for a guy! He was in a play, in church, about David. He had a solo, we have the video if you'd ever like to see it!

Smart: Yes he's smart. We each bring our own smarts to the marriage!

Laundry: Well, that's a hard one. He will put the clothes in the washer and dryer, but then he throws them on the bed or floor of our room. I HATE folding clothes, so often they get left there for a while. But I'm ALWAYS the one the folds it! It just may not get done that day!

Paying bills: Aaron hates being in charge of bills, so I've taken that role on. He's in charge of managing his business account and I do ours.

Who sleeps on the right side of bed: If you're looking at the bed, I lay on the right.

Mows the lawn: Definetly Aaron. Eli helps out too!

Cooks dinner: That would be me. Aaron would argue that he can cook better than me. I can't say that I would disagree, he just doesn't do it!

First to admit they are wrong: We're both pretty stubborn, but we both forgive pretty easy. So whoever says it first, it's usually done and over with!

Who kissed first: He did. He even asked my permission

Who wears the pants: I will say that Aaron does, but he listens to me a lot and respects my opinion.

And here he is!

And I'm tagging: Andrea, Sarah Friesen, Amy

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We are so blessed to be in a small group at church. We are in a "Young Marrieds" Sunday school class and that is what our small group is made up of, couples from the class. Most of the couples have children and they are all about the same age. So it's fun to spend time with them and let the kids play together. A couple of weeks ago, we got together to pack boxes for "Operation Christmas Child." The kids got to play and had a blast.

***During the evening, about 8pm, we were wondering why one of the couples weren't there (Ekeland's). Well...we got home and found out that Sarah was in the hospital having her baby! She had a beautiful baby girl! (Just a side note!)
Ollie is about to have a brother or sister, so he doesn't sleep in his crib anymore. So, it became a ball pit for the kids to play in! They had a blast jumping around in the balls! Even Mason had fun and he's only 9 months old!

Ollie, Eli, Taylor and Mason (Taylor and Mason are brother and sister.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Eli's Grandpa Kirtley plays his "guitar" on Eli. He thinks it's great, so Aaron does it when we're at home. As you can tell from the video, Eli loves it. Even when it gets to be too much, he'll still ask for more! Funny little man!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Play time!

Today I got a glimps as to what it might be like to work part time. I never thought that this would even interest me, but I have to say I really enjoyed it! In my previous post, I mentioned about Eli's grandma being sick and needing to stay home today. My friend, Jamie, and I each worked half a day and then watched each other's kids. It was fun! I went to work this morning and then had the kiddos this afternoon. I probably had the easier end of the deal.. lunch, then nap time! Here are some pictures of our afternoon! Eli loves Adalyn and Isaac. I know they love him just as much, Isaac just doesn't always admit it!!!!

Eli was fading! It was almost nap time for him!

I mentioned that Eli loved playing in this thing last night! Well it was even more fun with Adalyn in there!

Isaac (Jamie's)
Adalyn (Jamie's)

My sweetie!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Cute!

Tonight we had to get some baby things out to prepare for tomorrow. Eli's Grandma, who watches him during the day, has been sick these last few days. My friend, Jamie, also takes her kids to Gail and we teach together at the same school. So tomorrow we are both taking just a half day and watching each others kids. We got the pack-n-play out for Adalyn to sleep in. She is 9months old. Eli kept wanting in it to play. Finally I brought it to the living room and he played in the their for 30 minutes and cried when I took him out! I'm sure he won't enjoy it so much next weekend when he has to sleep in it when we're in Iowa! Anyways, here are some pictures of him enjoying his pack-n-play!

Love This...

Eli is at such a fun stage. He's talking SO much and so interactive with us! It is so nice to be able to tell him to do something and he does it! Tonight he was playing so hard all by himself. I just sat back and watched...and took pictures! I love to see that he can entertain himself and that he has an imagination. He loves to ride around on his fire truck and you can see that he now has a little ambulance truck to play with as well! I am amazed every day with how much he grows and changes. I love him so much!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

When does it end?????

Ok, I know you're supposed to let your child feed themselves, but seriously? I gave Eli his supper early because ours was still cooking. So, I was in the kitchen and Aaron was doing things around the house. When I turned around, this is what I saw. This is the second time he has made such a mess of his food. Needless to say, we put an end to that! Now he pretends to throw the food, then smiles at you and puts it in his mouth. Little stinker! I want to know when they start eating WITHOUT making such messes. Without us having to change clothes. Without having to wipe his hands and face with 4-5 paper towels... Man! It gets better, right???

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Kirtley!

Today is Grandma Kirtley's birthday! So, this video is for her! Hope you have a happy birthday!