Sunday, June 29, 2008

Father's Day

Well, our first blog will be about our trip to the zoo. We went on Father's Day and had so much fun. We weren't sure if Eli would be too interested in it b/c he's only 1. I should have known he would have liked it since he's so into watching animals and activity in general. We had a blast. We are working on his vocabulary... everything was a "dog!" What can I say? He loves dogs!

Look Eli - it's a gorilla. Response: "dog"

Here are some more pictures of our trip!

Eli and Dad looking at the penguins

Mom and Eli seeing lions

Crashed ...


Amanda said...

YEAH!!! So glad we can check in on you this way, it's so fun! Glad we convinced you!

Doug and Sarah said...

Hi Shannon,
I found your blog through Jessica McClenahan's blog. So glad to visit your blog. Eli is adorable. The zoo is such a fun place for little kids.
Sarah Livesay

Laura Fahnestock said...

I feel so hip and cool to be participating in a blog, Shannon! Thanks for making me join the 21st century! HI to all in Newton, KS! I miss you.
Laura Fahnestock
PS Man, Eli has really grown in a month since I last saw him!