Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exploration Place

Last night we decided we would take Eli to do something fun. I have been to the Exploration Place several times when I worked for the day camp at the rec center. It had some really great things in it that I thought Eli would enjoy. Obviously I knew that a lot of it would be over his head, but Aaron had never been there either. So, we set out for our adventure. I have to say that we were very disappointed. They have taken out some of the exhibits b/c they added their "Human Body" exhibit, which by the way costs an extra 25 dollars! The kid's area was ok, but it hasn't been update since they built the Exploration Place. The carpet was gross, things were broken.... Needless to say Aaron and I were not impressed. Eli, on the other hand, could really care less where we were. He was just so happy to do something with his mommy and daddy! I guess that's all that really matter, right?

The largest bear - in the guiness book of world records

Cool tunnel that was dark with glow-in-the-dark starts!

The sunflower laughed when you stuck your hand/head in there!

Flying the airplane

Watching the ball go through the water