Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Dogs

So today is a really sad day in our house. We have 2 dogs; Paco, a mut, and Bailey, a great dane. This morning our neighbors called us and said that Paco was out in the front yard. They had put him back, but weren't able to see or find Bailey. We have looked all over our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. We can't find her anywhere. What scares me is that we live off HWY 50. I'm scared that we're going to be driving down the HWY and find her. (Not the way I want to find her).

I grew up in a house where our dog was like another child. So, that is the way I thought of our dogs. They used to be inside dogs at our old house. Since we moved, they had been outside dogs. They were fine, but they had each other. Now, Paco is all by himself. It is the saddest sight. Paco is just lying around like he's lost his best friend. Please pray for us that we can find her. Eli goes outside and keeps looking in their pin and saying, "Bailey?" It's so sad. For those of you who are dog lovers, you know what we're doing through! I'll let you know if we find her.

Paco usually jumps up and is wagging his tail when you come out to see him. This is all he's doing right now. It's so sad.

This is the dog pin in the garage. They sleep in here. Paco won't come out or lift his face.

I tried to get him to look at me from outside. He won't :(


Alyssa said...

You didn't mention it, so I thought I'd ask, did you call the pound? The dog catcher was out the other day in our neighborhood, so I thought that might be a good option. They might have picked him up. Hope you find him.

Aaron and Shannon said...

We did call the humane society and they haven't had her returned yet. It's sad, but I'm guessing she's gone for good:(