Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Best Candidate for the Job!

If you didn't know already, my dad is running for our local school board. I'm posting his letter he sent out to people. If you feel that you would like to have a yard sign or help out financially, just let me know! Remember to vote for RANDY ZOHN for school board in April!

As you know by now I have decided to run for school board. Given the financial state of our nation and the budget cuts looming over educational funding, this is probably not the best time to feel the urge for civic duty. However, I think it is time for the Newton Board of Education to have representation from members that have educational experience. Now is certainly the time to have input on potential budget cuts so that they have the least effect on our students.

In education today there is a lot of talk about research based programs, response to intervention (RTI), multi-tiered support systems (MTSS), and data-driven dialogue. As a potential board member I think that my experience and training in research and statistics would be beneficial in discussions of program effectiveness and fiscal responsibility. For those of you with educational experience, you know how often education has followed the latest fad only to find that the programs were not effective. My 32 years of experience in local education will help the school board avoid mistakes that are costly in lost educational opportunities for the students and wasted tax money by identifying the failed ideas from previous years that were implemented but did not work.

Working with kids, teachers, parents, support staff, and administration over the last several years has been rewarding. Because of that, I feel some ownership and responsibility for the future of education in Newton. Serving on the board would be my way of contributing to the needs of our students and the community.


Amy said...

I'll take a sign! I'm a big fan of your dad's! :)