Monday, August 3, 2009

harvery county fair

Every year I look forward to the Harvery County Fair. It is kind of bitter sweet b/c for teachers, it means it's the end of our summer! I have to go back to work on Friday. This past weekend Newton has had the Harvey County Fair. I can't believe the weather! It's been perfect outside! I think the highest it got during the day was low 90's! For August...that's AWESOME!!!! The evening's have been perfect for things like this:

As much as Eli loves animals, you know he like these!!

They had cows, but I didn't get a good picture of them. I already felt a little strange taking pictures of people's animals!

Then there was the parade Saturday evening.... the classic firetruck!

And another one of Eli's favorites....the "John Deere Tactor"

Then we were off to the demolition derby last night...... I didn't realize this until we got there, but it was $8 a person. I about choked.....really? $8 for a demolition derby?? Wow!

Eli's favorite part of the demolition derby....that's right, the tractors that pulled the cars out of the mud! This is "Farmer Mike", Amy and Lane on his tractor. I think that's what we heard about all night! "Where's Farmer Mike and tractor?" (Eli has gotten to ride this tractor a couple of times!)

There is one more night....the Bull-Blowout. We will take Eli to that so he can see the horses and bulls!

I love living in a small town to experience county fairs! It's so much fun! Too bad it comes at the end of the summer! If you've never should go!!!