Saturday, October 24, 2009

K-S-U Wildcats!!

My family has gone to KSU games since I was in middle school.
We've been to bowl games, tailgates, Big 12 championship games.
So when I was a senior, there was no question about where I was going to go ot school.
KSU...I love it! I bleed purple.
My kids have clothes for KSU and they don't even know what it is or why they wear them!
Well today Eli got his first glimpse as to what KSU is all about!
Last week my mom bought him a jersey and he's had a football for a while. So we loaded up at 6:30am to head to Manhattan for the game against Colorado.
We started with tailgating...donut holes for Eli!

Then we walked over to Bramalage to watch the men's basketball team scrimmage.

Papa, Grandma Kathi and Eli

Our family...minus Cole. We left him with Aunt Nikki!

Then into the stadium for the football game!

Eli passed out....he slept for about an hour in the middle of the game! He even slept through half-time with the band playing

The highlight of the game for Eli! He got to meet Willie the Wildcat! He signed Eli's football and Eli actually went to him to take a picture!

It was so much fun to spend time with you Eli! Now matter where you decide to go to school, we will still love you! However, by teaching you early that KSU is the best maybe it will help you make your decision!

Go Cats!!!


Melissa Jensen said...

This was such a GREAT post and we bleed purple too over here at our house!! I love the pix where Eli is clapping for KSU he looks as if he is such a little man!!

So fun to read about!!