Tuesday, December 15, 2009

future wrestler

Wrestling runs in the family.

Not my family! Aaron's family!
Aaron's dad was a wrestler.
Aaron was a wrestler...and coaches wrestling for our middle school in Newton.
So, what do you think Eli will be when he gets a little older???
Yep...I'm going to say a wrestler!
He got this singlet from Grandpa Tim for his birthday last year. The last few days he's been having us put him in it and LOVES to wrestle Aaron.
He tells me, "Look out mom. I'm wrestling!"
So look out...he might just want to wrestle you if you let him!

This is what goes on in my house ALL THE TIME!! I can only imagine how much more loud and crazy it will get when Cole is able to participate. For now he hangs out in the bouncy seat and watches! And no, Aaron is not slamming Eli down on the ground. He's actually very careful with him. Aaron did inform me today that Eli has learned a few wrestling moves these last few days since he's been home with him. Oh boy!

I love it though! I wouldn't trade any of it! I love that my house is loud and that Eli is ALL boy! I love that Cole will be able to play with Eli. I LOVE all 3 of my boys!