Monday, January 25, 2010


We are done.

We left our house this morning at 6am.
Checked in at 6:30am.
They took Cole from us at 7:15am and we were meeting with the doctor by 7:30am.
It's amazing how quick the surgery goes!
We were back with Cole by 7:40am.
He was NOT happy.
They said that was normal.
Screaming, not knowing what was going on around was so sad.
Finally got him calmed down with a bottle.
We were heading home by 8am.
SO glad we are done with that.
We felt everyone's prayers. We thank you for those.
Cole thanks you!
Baby hospital sad :( He was happy though for not eating since 8:45 last night!

Dr. Harris said things went well. He was surprised how happy Cole was considering all of the fluid and puss he sucked out of his ears. He said they were pretty bad, but he got it all so we should see a competely different baby. Yay!!!

We are so thankful to have Dr. Harris again. He did Eli's tubes and we had such good luck. We pray that Cole's will be just as successful. I'm so glad to have this over. We hope and pray this is the beginning of of the end of ear infections for little Cole! Thanks again for all of the prayers and thoughts. We felt all of them.