Sunday, March 7, 2010

baby josiah

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Josiah! Aaron's sister, Nikki, is having a baby that is due to be here on April 1st! We are hoping sooner, but they have a mind of their own! In fact, Eli prayed the other night that Josiah would come that night and he'd be able to play with him the next day! We are praying daily for baby Josiah and his safe arrival!
Nikkis' friend, Emily, hosted a shower for her yesterday. It was very nice and Nikki got a lot of great things!
(A lot more gifts showed up...I just took this picture early!)

Look how huge those cupcakes are! Massive!!

You have a such a beautiful smile, Nikki! You look great!

Yes, games were played! I have to say that I was WAY off. I think my paper went around her almost 2 times. Ooops!

Nikki and her mom...Grandma Gail!!

Nikki, I am so excited for you and for Josiah to get here. You will be great mom and he will be blessed to have you. We pray for you daily...that God will be with you during your delivery and that Josiah will be healthy and perfect in every way! Remember that I am a phone call away when you need help...and you SHOULD ask for help.

We love you and Josiah and can't wait for him to get here!


Erica said...

Great pictures Shannon!!!