Tuesday, May 11, 2010

you would never know...

that I feel down a flight of stairs today, with that smile!!
Yep, I just had to see what happens with those stairs.
I'm fine.
Only have this thing on my eye from hitting a basket at the end of the stairs.
Scared Grandma and Aunt Nikki.
I'm afraid that is only the start of things I'll be doing to scare them and my Mommy!
(And yes, Mom called the doctor's office. They said that babies can handle a lot more than we think. Based off of the things Mom told them, they thought I was fine! I even had Daddy nervous!)

My heart melted when I pulled up and saw his face. I didn't know what had happened. Then when I heard, my heart jumped up to my throat. He's at that age...I completely remember it with Eli. I just wanted to put him in a bubble. I hate when they take spills at this awkward stage. I guess that's why they're so limber! But, like I said, he's fine!

Love you Baby Cole!!


Jenny said...

So glad he is OK!
Just wait until Eli and Cole start climbing trees and anything else they think looks fun. ;-)

Diana said...

Sooooooooo glad Cole is okay! I remember when my sons were that age and scared me to death with their spills!

I've been reading your blog for months and have had you on my list of fave places to visit in my menu for a long time... and just now I realize that it was you and Cole and Eli at the park that one humid evening... I was pushing one of my granddaughters on the toddler swing and your Cole was giggling away. (I even blogged about the park... May 8th, post called "energy", you can go see and probably recognise her and maybe the other two granddaughters.) What a small world! Wow!

The Sieberts said... sad! Ava has fallen down the stairs 3 times in her life. it was so scary every time-but yes-babies are so resilient! thanks goodness!