Sunday, July 18, 2010

splash park

So we have been meaning to come to the splash park all summer and have never made it! Since it's been 100+ degrees outside, we thought tonight would be a good time!
We tried to go to the Newton one, but it wasn't working!
Imagine that...the first summer it's open and it's not working! Nice!
So, we had some tears and decided we better head to Hesston.
It was fun!
There was only 1 other kid there most of the time...even better!!

I love seeing him so excited!!

Cole did a lot of roaming! He didn't like the water at first, but then he wasn't afraid of crawling right through it!! Yes, I know the onsie hanging out of his suit is a little "ugly", but that's what happens when you let Daddy dress them!!
Yes, Cole is walking some!! He can take up to 10 steps, but them still likes to crawl! Cement is so hard on the knees!


The Sieberts said...

hey Shannon.
try again another day-especially earlier in the day. the sprinkler park here has had that issue a few other times-i think its regenerating itself (whatever that means)beacuse when its completely not working, you can hear the motor running like its working on getting more water. we're headed there this morning, so hopefully its back up and running or we'll be heading to Hesston too!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

It was working Saturday night - I'll be posting on it shortly here. They had a big party. Hopefully one day Newton's will have more shade like Hesston's.