Thursday, September 9, 2010

A big day!!

It was a big day our house today! Our little man went off to preschool!
He did great!
I think I had a harder time than he did!

Outside the preschool: Apple A Day!

Eli with his awesome teacher, Ms. Karri! (He was too interested in the kid behind us!)
Finding his hook: Apple #6

Such a big boy!

I was so proud of Eli! He did perfect!

Once he hung his backpack, he could go play. That was the end of me! He gave me a kiss and hug and said, "Bye, Mom! See ya later!"

My eyes filled up with tears and I headed out the door.

I was lucky enough to take him today and pick him up! He had a GREAT day! He could tell me a lot of things that happened. Who knows how much really did, but I LOVED it!!


Jenny said...

Yeah for Eli!! They grow up way too fast!!

Kendall Smith said...

How fun. I'm so glad he enjoyed it. I can't wait to hear more!!!

Amanda said...

ahhh - he's so cute. But it makes me so sad. So glad he is liking it!