Thursday, May 19, 2011

another milestone

Today was Eli's last day of preschool! (I wish I could say that I've had my last day too!)

They had a little program and celebrated with a circus theme!

It was cute!

I am so glad that he still has another year of preschool!

This Mommy isn't ready to send him off to Kindergarten just yet!

After the program we went to the classroom and had popcorn!

Ms. Karri was Eli's teacher! She was awesome! Eli learned so much from her!

Ms. Renee is the directed and helped out in the classes! She is awesome as well! We were so lucky to have Eli in preschool there!

Eli will go back to preschool there next year, but he will have a different teacher b/c he's going 3 days a week, instead of 2! We will miss Ms. Karri! Thank you for all you did this year!

(I don't know why it's leaving all that space at the did it on my last one too!)


Allen and Debby Graber said...

It was so good to see you guys at Walmart. How big the boys are getting!!

Alyssa said...

he's going to be in the same class as Kade next year! And Ms. Mary is awesome as well!

Karri said...

Such a cutie...glad I could make a funny face there right along with him!! I'll miss seeing him on Tues/Thurs, but there will be days I'll get to fill in and help Mari out. Hope you all have a fun summer!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness--he looks like such a little man! I can't believe he's going to be in kindergarten!