Friday, January 22, 2010

5 months

Cole is 5 months old! I can't believe how fast time is going. It makes me so sad! I didn't even post anything about Cole's 4th month. Poor kid had an ear infection the ENTIRE month. So, now he's 5 months and gets tubes in his ears on Monday. Hopefully he'll be on the mend after that!

We love Cole so much. Words can not even begin to describe how much he means to our family. We brightens our day with his big smile and those great blue eyes! He softens my heart when he reaches up with his hands and touches my face and looks me in the eyes.

Eli was monitoring the drool! He doesn't like Cole to be messy! Everytime some would drip down, Eli would wipe his mouth and say, "There you go, that's better!"
He's such a good big brother! Eli LOVES Cole and Cole LOVES ELi!

Things Cole is doing:
Laughing...lots of it! Eli is the best at getting him to laugh. Even when Cole is upset, Eli can get him to laugh!
He likes to play in his exosaucer...which is also a jumper. He thinks it's great!
He likes to sit in his "bumbo" chair!
He is eating cereal and has tried squash and sweet potatoes!
When he's on his tummy, he pulls his legs under him as if he's going to try to go somewhere!
He has rolled over, but doesn't so it frequent! (Eli didn't either, must not really be their thing!!)
He's close to sleeping through the night ( I think he totally would be if he's ears wouldn't be messing with him all the time!)
He falls in the "long and skinny" category at the doctor! This is opposite of Eli. I'm wondering if Eli's going to be our wrestler and Cole a basketball player!
We love you, Cole. You complete our family and bring us so much joy!


Allen and Debby Graber said...

What a joy to have him in the nursery last week! So neat to see Eli have such brotherly love for his little brother. Protective.

Anonymous said...
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