Friday, February 19, 2010

I needed this...

Have you ever gotten "snail mail" or an email that made your day? Today I email from a friend that did just that! She always seems to know when I'm needing an encouraging word! Thanks Kendall! You are an amazing person and God is using you to do amazing things! Thank you for your friendship!

Here is part of the email:
I was thinking about teaching. How God calls us to love the 'broken, hurt, lonely, orphans, children'...Wondering how to do that, I realized that as teachers--that's what we do!!!

I know that working full-time and teaching such broken kids can be so draining and frustrating and overwhelming. But I am praying for you this week. God cares SO MUCH about those little ones you are loving. And you are investing yourself in little ones who can't give anything back to you--but 'great is your reward in heaven'! You're serving the very people God is calling us to love!!! So I hope that this lightens your load a bit--and I'm praying, too, that you have energy and joy in your job. And that you'd continue to find time to love your little guys, too!

Love, Kendall


Amy said...

Even though this wasn't meant for me... I needed it, too. What a sweet email! You are lucky to have such good friends, Shannon! :)