Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Eli's preschool put on a Fall program.
They'll have a Christmas one next year!
I took time off work to come and watch it, then I took him to lunch.
Here he is; happy, excited to start the program.

This would be where he started wining, crying for me. Seriously? I have such a Mama's boy on my hands!

He moved his square over by me and then he participated. I had to give my camera to someone across from me so I could get some pictures of him! All I could see was the back of his head!

Cute turkey cookies afterwards!

2 of Eli's friends from preschool; Brody and Jace!
His "Thankful Turkey" says; toys, my mama, my daddy, my baby brother, my friends.

Sweet boy! We are thankful for you too!

Monday, November 22, 2010


We don't have a big family.
My boys only have 1 cousin.
So...they LOVE him to pieces!

Kisses and lovin for Josiah!

Love it!

I'm pretty sure he loves them too!

You should have seen his face when they were lovin on him!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

messy boy!

What a messy boy!

But, how you LOVE spaghetti!!

(This was a close as Daddy would get to you!)

Good thing it was bath night!