Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas To Us!!!!

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? The birth of Jesus, family, food, presents, lights? Those are the things I was thinking of until yesterday! Now I'm thinking of how to get us all healthy so we can enjoy these things in a couple of days. Aaron has a cold, I have a horrible cough and Eli has both of ours combined.

Last night Eli and I were up ALL night. I say Eli and I b/c Aaron was working last night. Isn't that how this always seem to work out? Not that Aaron got much more sleep with the way he was feeling. I think it was about 3am when Eli stopped coughing long enough to fall asleep. It was so sad. I knew exactly how he felt b/c I was right there with him. We were both hacking away in my bed.

Before we went to bed, I mentioned to Aaron about maybe calling the doctor in the morning and he told me to hold off. That we can't just go in every time he has a cold. I agreed and thought if it wasn't better after Christmas, I would take him then. Then we were up until 3am and there was no discussion about going into the doctor this morning. There's something about a mother's intuition. By morning he was still coughing pretty bad and had began wheezing.

We had an 8:45am appointment and...

That's right... Eli now has to have breathing treatments. The doctor told me that if I had waited to bring him in after Christmas, we may have been admitting him into the hospital for pneumonia. Poor little guy. This is one expensive Christmas present! But, it's well worth it. He has been breathing SO much better and hasn't coughed nearly as much as yesterday. When I went to lay him down tonight, there was NO coughing at all.

I just hope the rest of us can feel better and that we can actually enjoy our Christmas and think about what we really need to be thinking about...the birth of our Savior, Jesus.
Merry Christmas!


The Sieberts said...

awww! we'll be praying you guys feel better soon! I'm glad Eli is feeling better! Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

Oh, yuck. Hope you're all feeling better soon! Did you end up buying the breathing treament machine (why can't I think of it's name?!)? We have one from when Sopine was a baby and we will pull it out every once in awhile when the kids have a bad cough. It's pretty handy to have around.