Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are...

An Aunt:And an Uncle:

Josiah Camden Battles

8lbs. 14oz. 19 1/4 inches long 7:55pm

We are so excited to have Josiah join our family! He's so precious with his chubby cheeks!! We can't wait to get to know him and for him to meet his cousins! Eli is "patiently" waiting for his turn!

We will ALWAYS be here for you Josiah. Welcome to our family!

5 days

5 days is all the seperates these 2 in age! They are so fun!
It's fun to get them together and play...and now listen to them talk to each other!
I can't believe they are turning 3 and will be starting preschool next year!
There is still a chance they could end up in the same class...look out to that teacher!!!
They are both sweet boys and we are lucky that Eli has such a good friend, at such an early age!

Happy Birthday Ollie!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 months

Wow Mr. Cole...I can't believe you are 7 months old!
I feel like I just posted about you being 6 months! You are getting so big!
You went for your 6 month check-up last week, so it was more like a 7 month check up!
You are in the 91 percentile for height. Really?? Where does that height come from?!!
You were only in the 17 percentile for weight.
Tall, skinny boy on our hands!
Things you are doing:
Rolling do it ALL the time, but have a harder time going back over. Especially at night. Which has made for some frustrating nights at our house lately!
You are eating all baby foods. We haven't found 1 you don't like! (Maybe you won't be as picky as your brother!)
Grabbing at EVERYTHING! (Even some of brother's toys, which he has not become very found of!)
Starting some table foods...stars, cheerios, etc.
Sleeping through the night!!
Most of all, you LOVE to interact with your brother! He makes you laugh more than any can. (He has you in tears a few times too, but I'm sure there is more of that to come!)
Happy 7 months Cole!
You are a blessing from God and we love you so much!

Go Cats!

So proud of the Cats for making it this far! The first time in 22 years that they have made it to the Sweet 16! Even if this is the end of the road for them, I am SO proud of them! EMAW!!!!!
LET'S GO CATS!!!!!!!
(Sorry for the blurry picture. Eli has been playing with my camera!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Never would I think that a "almost" 3 year old would be so obsessed with a sweatshirt! But Eli LOVES this sweatshirt! He got it as a hand-me-down from his friend Zach.

Zach is a 6th grader this year and is so kind to play with Eli. He's a busy kid, but when he does have some free time he will play with Eli. Eli loves him and adores him. I'm fine with that b/c Zach is such a great kid. He is a perfect kid for Eli to admire and look up to. Anyways, this sweatshirt is a Warrior Football sweatshirt and Eli calls it "Zach's football team."

Thanks Zach for being a good friend to Eli.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Eli is at the fun age where you can teach him how to play games and he gets it! I was just saying that for his birthday we should get him some games to play. Today Eli and Cole's Great-Aunt Gerri came to visit. She brought gifts! Eli got this fishing game.
It was PERFECT for him. He loves it and he's actually pretty good at it!
So we had some family time of playing the fishing game.
Look at Cole...he wants to play too!
Eli did let Cole have one of the fishing poles to play with!

I love these two! I can't wait for Cole to get a little bigger so he can actually play games with us. I'm sure I will have my hands full at that point!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

baby josiah

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Josiah! Aaron's sister, Nikki, is having a baby that is due to be here on April 1st! We are hoping sooner, but they have a mind of their own! In fact, Eli prayed the other night that Josiah would come that night and he'd be able to play with him the next day! We are praying daily for baby Josiah and his safe arrival!
Nikkis' friend, Emily, hosted a shower for her yesterday. It was very nice and Nikki got a lot of great things!
(A lot more gifts showed up...I just took this picture early!)

Look how huge those cupcakes are! Massive!!

You have a such a beautiful smile, Nikki! You look great!

Yes, games were played! I have to say that I was WAY off. I think my paper went around her almost 2 times. Ooops!

Nikki and her mom...Grandma Gail!!

Nikki, I am so excited for you and for Josiah to get here. You will be great mom and he will be blessed to have you. We pray for you daily...that God will be with you during your delivery and that Josiah will be healthy and perfect in every way! Remember that I am a phone call away when you need help...and you SHOULD ask for help.

We love you and Josiah and can't wait for him to get here!