Friday, June 5, 2009

Babysitting! we weren't really babysitting! Zach and Kori's parents asked if we'd watch their kids so they could go to dinner! They have watched Eli for us a couple of times and I've blogged about Zach before! They have a mutual love for each other! It's great!
So, us watching them? Sure! It's more like, they come over and entertain Eli! We did feed them pizza and then went to the park! It's so funny to watch Eli keep up with the "big kids!" I have to say he does a pretty good job!

Yes, Eli did come down the slide that way too! But I believe that Eli did it first!!

Then they had a hanging contest! Eli is so strong. He hung there for a long time and actual lasted longer than Kori.

We ended our night with a nerf-gun fight! The other night we were over at Zach's house and he got out all his nerf guns. Eli thought it was great! So, Zach brought down 2 of his guns tonight and Aaron bought Eli one this morning. (I know, but I DO live with 2 kids!) Aaron was taken back to his childhood while playing with these guns. He went on and on about how him and his friends would have major nerf-gun fights. Needless to say, Aaron was playing with Zach and Eli!
It was a fun evening for everyone! These kids are always welcome at our house to play!