Sunday, June 14, 2009


Most Sunday's we get together with our neighbors for supper. Lately it's been so nice out that we've been outside most of the time. Today was no different. Actually, it was overcast and a little cooler.....cooler at least for this:We bought one of those hoses that sprays a bunch of different ways! Eli loved it! So did the nieghbor kids!
Then we unhooked the hose and and this happend! I'm sure it was a little cold!

Once we finished was time to take the wet clothes off, dry off and put on dry clothes! This is what Eli looked like when he walked in the house! Hilarious!!!!

Then it was time for some ball!! There was some football...keep away....
Ladder ball....I hate to say that Aaron and I lost :(
Eli and his friend Cambri
Love them!!! My sweet family...that is about to be blessed with one more precious little boy!

So that was our Sunday. It was a little more exciting than most, but we usually do have a lot of fun with our neighbors! We are blessed to have these great people around. It definetly comforts me when Aaron is working and I know that I could call on any of them to help me with something!


angie schmidt said...

I love the picture of Eli with the chainsaw! It reminds me of the boys stipping down on the back deck (happened yesterday). I often wonder what the neighbors think, but no one has complained yet!
You will have even more fun with two because they "egg each other on" and then all control is lost! I can't wait to read your future blogs! :)