Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aaron's Weightlifting Competition

Today we went to Wichita for Aaron to participate in a weightlifting contest. He was pretty nervous b/c he had to drop 10 lbs to be in a certain weight class. He was able to loose the weight in about 2 weeks. Wouldn't that be nice!! The competition was a firefighter/police competition and they had several different competitions going on since Thursday. So, Aaron went into the bench press competition with a personal best of lifting 375 lbs. Well, today he set a new personal best of 386 lbs. That also earned him a gold medal in the competition. Here is a video of him making his last lift of 386 lbs:

Here's Aaron doing some of his other lifts before this one:

First bench: 355 lb.

Cory, Duane and Aaron - guys from the station that came to help Aaron

Aaron and his gold medal!!

All the guys that lifted. The guy on the far left (long-sleeved black shirt) lifted 501 lbs!!


Kara Janzen said...

Wow Shannon! That's one buff husband! I'd feel safe if I was living with him. :) Hope you're doing well and that school is going well for you. I'm coming to Newton for Taste of Newton and Fall Fest at Bethel. Maybe I'll see you at Taste of Newton! Miss you all!