Saturday, September 27, 2008


So.... for those of you who say they don't/didn't know that your child was teething, I'm jealous! There has not been 1 tooth that has come in that we didn't know about. I know doctors say they run a "low grade" fever when they're teething, but not Eli. Almost every time Eli's been cutting teeth he's been running a 100-103 degree temp. It's so much fun!!!!!

This time has been no let down. He started out Thursday morning running a 102 fever. It went down some through out the day/night and the next day, still a low grade fever. Not only does he run a fever, he is grumpy pants too! I know I shouldn't complain b/c I'm not the one that's going through the pain, but MAN! It is NOT an easy process for us!

Then this morning, Saturday, he was up 5:30am. We haven't seen that early since he was getting ear infections. He did take a 2 hour nap this morning! He hasn't been eating/drinking very much either. Last night at supper he was trying eat some pizza and he started crying and said, "teef, teef." Poor guy, for him not to want to eat it must be pretty painful.

So, he's down again for an afternoon nap. He woke up from the morning nap and seemed to be a lot better. Ate a good lunch and was playing really well. We'll see how this evening goes!

I'm not trying complain, just letting you know that I'm JEALOUS of you people who's kids got their teeth and there was no problem!!!!


Kendall Smith said...

Poor guy. I sure hope his teeth come through fast!!!