Saturday, October 4, 2008

Father/Son Time

I have to say that I was completely surprised last night, Friday, when I got home and Aaron told me his plans for the night. Aaron's been working a lot lately and I could tell that it was bothering him that he wasn't spending as much time with Eli as he would like. So, last night he fixed that! They had their first father/son outing - - at least one that was planned!

They started out by going to Orscelins to pick out some boots. Aaron found some for him, then went to Payless to get some for Eli! Here they are in their boots!

Once they came home with their new boots, we did get to ear supper together! Then they headed out to a friend's farm. Eli is in love with farm animals right now. So they went out to the farm to watch a bunch of guys rope cattle on their horses. I sent the camera with Aaron, but you know pictures came back!

Aaron said they had a good time and Eli loved being out there seeing the animals and tactors/trailers, etc!

Thanks Aaron for letting me have some "alone" time and being such a great dad!