Sunday, October 19, 2008

Biggest scrare of my life

So, Aaron and I went to KC Saturday night/Sunday. We went with some friends to watch the Chief's game Sunday afternoon. We got home early evening and Eli was a grump. He had been screaming since he had woken up (only about 30 minutes from when we got home). So I gave him some tylenol. Then about 10 minutes later, I had told Aaron that I had given Eli tylenol. This is what he heard, "Give Eli some tylenol." So, Eli got another dose of tylenol.

So, I called the on call doc (Dr. Patron, thank goodness!). This was our conversation:
Me: "My son has had 2 doses of tylenol in 10 minutes."
Doc: "It's ok."
ME: "Are you sure? (then i proceeded to tell him the story)
Doc: Laughing, he says, "Your husband must have selective hearing like me. I did the same thing with son and cough medicine. He'll be fine, just don't give him any more tonight."
He continued to talk through some things with me and made me feel a lot better! He also said I should give Aaron and hug and kiss. I thought I was going to have to take Eli in to the ER. The doctor said that it would take like 10 times that amount before it would have an affect like that on him. So.... I still feel horrible that it happened, but thank goodness for on call doctors! And, yes, Eli is fine! He was running around the house like nothing had happened!


The Sieberts said...

i hear how you feel! i left the benadryl out on the counter one time after i had JUST given Ava a dose. i come back and she's drinking it! of course i can't remember how much was actually in the bottle so i freaked out too! i actually called poision control and she gave me a whole lecture about how kids that young shouldn't have cold med-yadda yadda. It made me feel SO MUCH better though after i called as well as kind of stupid. oh well-live and learn i guess! hehe

Kendall Smith said...

Isn't Dr.Patron WONDERFUL????? So reassuring. I'm sure that will happen to us as well at some point! :-)

Amy said...

I agree with Kendall. We love Dr. Patron! We did end up in the ER with him when Sophie was 5 weeks old. Talk about scary. He asked us that night if he could pray with us before he did a spinal tap on her. How many doctors do you know like that?