Saturday, October 4, 2008

What's a horse say?

Eli is loving horses right now. In my previous post, Eli and Aaron went out to see some horses at a farm and Aaron came home with no pictures. Well, we are lucky enough to have a horse stable in our back yard! The Lazy Creek Stables are behind our house. So a week ago we walked out there when we saw some were out there running around. A couple that was out there was nice enough to let us walk through the stables and see the other horses. We have never been out there so it was fun for all of us. The stables are really nice and it was fun to see the horses up close! Here are some pictures of our trip. There is a video at the end where I'm asking what a horse says. You have to listen carefully b/c he doesn't do it very loud. The reason I say, "oh my gosh" and the camera jumps is b/c a horse stuck his nose through the gate and tapped me in the arm. It scared me b/c I was busy watching Eli and had no idea what was about to happen!!!