Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Adult Fun!

Wednesday night our small group went on a scavenger hunt. About once a month we have fun night together. So I had Aaron's parents put together a hunt around town. I don't think the boys were too thirlled at first, but once the competition start, it was on!!!

The rules:
1. We had an hour to get to as many places as we could.
2. We had to take a picture of the place to show proof!
The clues:

1. Infirmary ---- hospital
2. Thresher on the green. ---- Bethel college

3. Doggy Jail ---- Caring Hands Humane Society
Yes --- someone dropped a dog off and tied it to the pole. Luckily, as we were pulling away with too many people in one car, a police officer was coming to pick it up.

4. Once decapitated Man

Ok --- so we didn't get this one! The guys did and they have the picture. It was a statue of an old Mennoite settler at Athletic Park. His head had fallen off at one time, but is back on. I'll try to get it soon!

5. Pyramid of Ammunition-- at the library

6. Kwik ly find an owl of Pine---- down the street from the Kwik Shop on Pine street

7. Pittsburg State Mascot --- "Sir, we're on a scavenger hunt. Can we take a picture with your gorilla?"

8. Sly canine mountain game field

9. Dented, damaged, outdated, nourishment center

10. People gazing heavenward ----- The Blue Sky Project.

Ok --- we didn't get this one either. I'm not going to post our picture, but lets just say we went to a place that involved tombstones!!!!! BUT--- the boys got it right :(

11. Blanket supply store -- quilt store

We didn't get that one either. Some of us thought maybe it was a thrift store, but Kendall was right. It was the quilt shop! And YES, the boys got this one right!

12. Evening house of education

Both boys and girls thought it was the Hutch Community College at Axtell Clinic, however it was Sunset Elementary School!

13. Roll back central

14. New town water feature
15. Mexico's most popular religous and cultrual image
Ok--- so we thought this was Mary outside of St. Mary's Church. However, it was a statue at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Who knew!!!!
It was a fun evening for us! I guess I should say for me! Yes, the boys won. They missed less than we did, but we took the time and got out and took pictures with the places. That should count for something, right???!