Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip to the Farm

Saturday we ventured up to Concordia to visit my family. I have been so excited to take Eli up there because he's SO into farm animals, tractors, combines, etc. So....the farm.....a perfect place for a little boy. I must say, he LOVED it.
We left around 8am, after Aaron got home from work. Eli had been up since about 6am. So, I thought maybe he's sleep on the way up there. Nope, he was awake the WHOLE way! He did great until we were about 2o miles from my aunts house. He wanted OUT! So, we got to my aunts house and we let him run all around in her back yard. She has a cute little pond with lily pads and frogs that sit on the lily pads. Eli watched the frogs and the fish, then continued to run around the back yard with their little dog.
After we got a little cold, we went inside and my aunt had made chocolate chip cookies and banana cake. Wow, she can cook. We all enjoyed a nice snack, then headed to the depot that is up the HWY from her house. It used to be an old train depot and now they have an apple orchard and pumpkins. Here are come pics from the depot.

This was the hay maze he ran through! He loved coming in and out of the door!

An apple cider slush!

Lots and lots of pumpkins! This last picture is of him going down the apple orchard!

Then we headed to the farm:

"Moos, moos!" Eli spooked the cattle by his excited version of the cow sound!

Eli got to ride in the combine with my grandpa! Apparently he loved it!

This picture was too cute! Papa, Eli and Great Grandma!

It was a great trip! I'm so thankful that everyone took some time out of their day to allow us to come and spend the day. I know Eli LOVED it!