Friday, September 5, 2008

State Fair

After a horrible weekend and week, we decided we needed some fun. So we went with some friends to the state fair tonight. After the weather today, I was already starting to think about other days that we could go. Luckily, it cleared off and it turned out to be a beautiful night. Eli did pretty good. He wasn't so sure about walking around to the different vendors trying to decide what we were going to eat. He just wanted to eat. He loved the animals, which he calls "malls!" It definetly lifted our spirits after loosing Bailey.

First: Aaron, Dave and Amanda had to get some roasted corn. Nice Aaron :(

Eli, Taylor, Mason and Ollie enjoying the goats!

This was funny - the goat was openning the door!

Yes folks that's right -- it's Merrill Teller. Amanda said: "Merrill, will you take a picture with our babies?" He said, "Umm, ok." I think he thought we wanted him to hold them. No Merrill, just stand by the stollers!

This was a HUGE slide that all the kiddos went down with their daddies. You can tell by the look on Eli's face that he loved it! We all had to quickly walk away b/c they were all saying, "more, more."

" Eli, what are those?" Eli says: "moos". He does know that they're cows, but he's calling the moos right now!

A lady got a bunny out for the kids to pet. Got to love the state fair!

I don't think Eli's ever seen pigs that huge before. I had to be careful not to get him too close b/c he tried sticking his hands and feet in there!

There's the gang. I'm so glad we got to go and spend time with friends. It definetly lifted our spirits and made it a good end to bad week.