Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little more hopeful

At small group tonight, Amanda was telling me about her dog she lost when she was in high school. She said that after a week, the dog found it's way home. So I have to say I'm a little more hopeful. Bailey's been gone for 5 days now, she has 2 more days to return before I start becoming less hopeful.
We have a school resource officer at our school, so I stooped to a new level. I talked to him today about Bailey being missing. Aaron wouldn't let me call the police b/c he said they have better things to do than write a missing dog report. He said he'd write it up and talk with the "dog catcher". He was really nice about it and didn't make me feel like an idiot! So , a little more hope that a couple more eyes out there looking for her might help.
Please keep praying for us.....


Amy said...

Don't you love Officer Brad? Our cat was gone for 8 days a year or so ago. Then she showed up. We have no idea where she was for those 8 days. I hope you have a happy ending, too. Good luck!