Friday, April 3, 2009

Eli Braiden Kirtley

It's 9:49 on Friday, April 3.
Two years ago at this time Aaron and I were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Eli Braiden Kirtley!
I can remember it like it was yesterday! We were so excited!
We had gone to dinner, since it would be the last time in a LONG time the 2 of us would get to do that! Then we sat around...with nothing to do! Can you believe that? What did people do before they had kids???
Anyways, I was going in for a c-section because Eli was breech and had to be at the hospital at 10am.
So...I got up in the morning, took a shower, put on make-up, did my hair! You know...all the things you usually do before you have a baby, right!
Then at 9:30 we left for the hospital...I believe we arrived at the hospital around 9:32. What can I say...we were excited!
They took me into the "c-section" room right at 12noon.
Eli was born at 12:32pm! Wow! Our lives have changed and we LOVE every minute of it!

So...tomorrow we will celebrate Eli Braiden's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe he's 2 years old. He's so much fun and I love him with ALL of my heart!

Tonight my parent's came over to give Eli his presents. My dad has a track meet tomorrow so he won't be at the party. He wanted to be able to see Eli open his presents! It is such a difference from last year opening presents! These are Eli's words he used tonight:
"I like it!"
And the most precious words: "Thank you Grandma, Thank you Papa!" "I love you"

Talk about melting my heart! There are times that Eli can be challenging...what child isn't. But when he uses manners like that....there are no words to descibe how that makes me feel! I have such a sweet little boy! I wish I could keep him that way forever.

Here's one of Eli's favorite things he got tonight. I believe he played with it for about 45 minutes. Then a little bit of screaming when we told him it was time for him to go "night-night!" It was past his bed time!

It's a train track, with a remote control! You can buy other pieces to add on and make a whole city! Good thing our basement is finished!

Thank you Papa and Grandma Kathi!


Amanda said...

ahhhh, so sweet!!! Happy Birthday Eli!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!!