Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron! I do NOT get the "wife of the year" award this year. Aaron's birthday was yesterday. If you remember a post way back in August...I mentioned about how horrible my birthday was. Aaron forgot, but ended up sending me flowers after I reminded him about my birthday! Well....I think I was worse than that. I rememberd his birthday, I just never got around to getting him a card or a present. I know...tell me what a horrible wife I am. I didn't even get him a card from Eli. I tried that day to make it up to him, but I just felt awful all day!

In attempt to make it better, tonight we took him a present at the fire station. Aaron LOVES monkey bread. So after school, Eli and I made him monkey bread. We took it, along with cards, up to the fire station. I think it was a hit and I maybe redeemed myself a little. (He'll tell you it's not the big of a deal, but I felt like it was.)
So...Happy Birthday Aaron! We love you so much! You are an amazing husband and father. Thank you for all you do for us. God has truly blessed us with having you in our lives. Hopefully both of our birthdays will be better next time!
Warning: there might be a picture overload, but I was trying to put some of my favorites of Aaron and Eli on here! He looks like such a proud daddy!