Thursday, April 30, 2009


I never like to hear over my phone speaker, "Mrs. Kirtley, can you take a phone call?" I always answer, "sure," hesitantly. It makes me nervous. No one calls me at school unless it's Gail to tell me Eli is sick.

So I was extra surprised to hear Aaron's voice on the other end today. He tells me he has Eli. Ok.....
He preceeds to tell me that Eli had fallen at Gail's house today and split his chin open. my heart is racing and I have tears in my eyes. (Did I mention that I have 21 Kindergarteners waiting on me?) Aaron tells me that Eli is fine. He has super-glued it back together. (Did I mention that there are perks to having a husband that's an EMT?!) do we need to take him in to the doctor anyways?? Nope...he's fine!
No crying.
No screaming.
Little blood.
Apparently Eli was more concerned about the blood that was on his hands than anything else!
So, here is my little baby with his first "big ouchy!"

Seriously, mom! You have to take this picture!

Looks like he's really huring, doesn't it!!

Here is a video of Eli talking about his ouchy!


The Veers said...

Poor Eli! What a trooper!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

How sad. What a hero Daddy! Glad he is doing ok!