Friday, April 17, 2009

Ladder Truck

Tonight Aaron called and said that if we wanted to ride up in the bucket of the ladder truck, we should come now! So, we dropped what we were doing and headed up there. Eli loves to ride in fire trucks!

New ladder truck!

Riding up in the bucket!

Yes....we were up high. Too high for me! I was scared!

The ladder extends 100 ft. tall!

Looking down at the fire station.

It was neat to ride up in the bucket, however I was scared! It was shakey and bouncey. Eli was small enough he couldn't see what was going on until Aaron lifted him up. He didn't even realize we were moving!

Thanks Daddy for having such a fun job!


Amanda said...

this brings back some memories for me! Oh yeah, and when I could hear Aaron's radio in church on Sunday...that was some TOTAL memories. I remember having to hear my dad's radio in church ALL the time. So many times resulting in him having to leave and we'd have to get a ride home from church from someone else!

Aby said...

How fun! I found your blog through "the Macs" blog. I'm married to a firefighter too... and I have a strange request. He collects fire t-shirts from all over.. If your husband does too (as a lot of them do) would you like to exhange a t-shirt? He's in Arlington, Texas. You can email me...! Thanks!! Love your blog by the way... beautiful family!