Monday, May 18, 2009

A lifesaver!

We are so blessed to live in a neighborhood that has the BEST neighbors! Lately, we've had several families move in with lots of kids. I love it! I love seeing all of them oustide playing! Most of them are older than Eli, but there are 2 little girls that are just a year older than him. He enjoys playing with them a lot.

But there one person he LOVES to play with....

This is Zach! He's a 5th grader! He knows us b/c his dad works with Aaron at the firestation. So when they moved in, he's been down a lot to play with Eli! He loves play with Eli! He is SO good with Eli! He's told us he'll babysit for us, but he's not so sure about changing diapers! There family have watched Eli before and they said they had a blast!

We love them! They are so helpful and caring! Zach is a great kid to have around to play with Eli. I'm sure he won't be too interested in Eli for a whole lot longer, but while it lasts it's great!

I already told his mom I'd be calling to see if Zach wants to come down to play with Eli this summer! I may need some time in the air conditioning!

Side note: Zach came over this afternoon to play and Eli openned the door and said, "Hey Zach! Wanna play?"


Jenny said...

That's so great that Eli has a new playmate!! What a sweet boy Zach must be!