Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today we made a trip to Concordia Kansas. It's where my dad grew up and all of his family still live there. I love to go visit there. It's so simple, so calm...and after the week I had, I loved it! My cousin, Brittany, graduated from Pike Valley High School (again, sounds like such a little town it!) She will be attending Baker University in the fall. We got there about 30 minutes early and Eli did great sitting there that whole time. Then...they started the ceremony and he said (in a LOUD voice) "All done Mommy? Time to go home."! So, we spent the whole ceremony out in the hall playing! Good thing she only has 30 kids in her class so it didn't last long at all!

After we left my Aunt and Uncle's house, we went to Ryan's house to see the horses. Eli loves horses. Ryan asked Eli if he wanted to ride the horses and he said, "Sure, Eli ride horses!" He was so excited and squealing to ride the horses. Well...Ryan got up on the horse and I went to hand Eli to him...NO WAY!!! He did NOT want to ride the horse! I had a feeling that was going to happen! So he petted the horses instead!
But....I bet you can guess what he would ride! That's right, a mower! Eli said, "Eli don't like horses, Eli likes mowers!"

I have to say that he did really like seeing the horses b/c he was talking about them on the way home. He was even trying to say that he rode them! I had to remind him that he did NOT ride them. He said, "Maybe later!" Silly boy!


Kara Janzen said...

You were 1/2 way to Henderson, NE! You should've come another 1 1/2 hours north. :) Glad you had a good weekend.

What did you find out about school??? I've been thinking of all you Newton teachers SO much! Send me an email if you have time: