Friday, May 22, 2009

Nice reminder

A couple of weeks ago was "Teacher Appreciation Week." Students are encouraged to give their teachers notes and to tell them how much you appreciate them. Well, when they're in Kindergarten, it usually comes from the parents! I was blessed to have some very sweet children in my class. Don't get me wrong, I did have a very challenging class, but I also had some very sweet ones that would make up for the challenge!
This came from one of my sweet ones, Ben!

Whatever is lovely...think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

Be Still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Psalm 37:7

This happened to come when we were waiting for our placements for next year. Ben's mom knew this and is a fellow blogger! She was so sweet and thought the coffee mug looked like my blog and I would like it! She had asked Ben what I like and he said, "Pepsi and chocolate!" I know I've drank pepsi infront of them, but I'm not sure I've eaten chocolate!

I read Psalm 37:7 and really knew what I was needing! I was be so unpatient while waiting for answers. God has a plan and I was needing to be patient and let his plan fall into place.

I will be staying at South Breeze in Kindergarten next year. I am glad that it was not me, however we have a total of 5 changes in our building for next year and it's been extremely hard around there. We definetly have felt like we're grieving. Things will not be the same, but God has a plan and he needed them to be teachers in other buildings for other reasons. I will trust in that.

So for now, I will look at this sweet face and remember to "Be still and wait patiently!

Thanks Angie for being such a supportive parent! Ben is lucky to have you as a mom. Thanks Ben for the gift and being such a sweet, caring boy. I will miss having you in class!


angie schmidt said...

Shannon, we are the lucky ones having you as a teacher! You made the transition into school very easy. It gave me great comfort knowing he was going to school to be with a teacher who loves her students no matter how "trying" they can be. You will ALWAYS hold a special place in our families hearts. Not only because you are such an awesome teacher but because you were so caring when we found Luke's cancer and I was at ease knowing you were there taking care of Ben so I could help Luke at the hospital and after surgery. Thanks for everything! Angie