Monday, October 27, 2008


I have to say I'm very sad that we didn't make it to the pumpkin patch. We had it planned a couple of different times and it just didn't work out. Then it got too cold and with Eli having a sinus infection, we didn't think it was a good idea for him to be in the cold. So, we settled for getting the pumpkins at Walmart. Apparently I must have talked about going to the pumpkin patch b/c that is what Eli thought we were doing on the way to Walmart. Then all evening he called the pumpkins, "pumpin patch!" Here's a little clip of him discussing the pumpin patch!!
Daddy starting to carve!
"Uck," he said!
Way to help Eli!
Me carving the "Kirtley" pumpkin. I did a pretty good job, but Aaron had to fix the E!
Aaron's pumpkin
My pumpkin!

Our pumpkins!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Saturday Fun!

Today I decided to be brave and let Eli help me make cookies. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun! He helped me cut the cookies, roll the dough, and sprinkle the cookies after I frosted them. (I didn't think I could let him try to frost cookies yet!)

Getting ready to start! Doesn't he look ready?
Good Job! Look at the flour all over his shirt!

What a stinker! This was after I told him not to eat the dough!

Yep! There was frosting all over the bottle. That's the fun of it right??!

A Sneak Preview!

We went to a costume party last week, for Parent's as Teachers. So I took some pictures of Eli in his costume. He's now into Elmo and loves anything with Elmo. His friend Isaac had an Elmo costume he wore a couple of years ago and is letting Eli borrow it! I'm hoping to get some pictures on Halloween, however he doesn't always cooperate when I get the camera out these days! I think he makes a pretty cute Elmo!

I had to put this one. He's starting to do the "goofy" smile when you get the camera out!

That's a little better!

There's that smile again!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Shoes", "Walk", "Go Bye-Bye!"

Eli associates shoes with going for a walk or going "bye-bye!" So he thinks whenever he brings us our shoes or gets his shoes that means one or the other will happen! Too bad it doesn't always work out that way! I think every child goes through a stage where they like to wear their parent's shoes. I just thought this one was too cute to pass up on a taking some pictures of!

That's pretty impressive!

That was bound to happen! Now how do I get up????

A Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend we went to KC for the chief's game. We went with 2 other couples and left Saturday night to have some time out and then went to the game Sunday afternoon.Jamie and Darren
Sandy and Jason

We enjoyed dinner at the Hereford House in downtown KC. Which by the way, burned down Monday morning. That's a little crazy!

Sunday morning we headed to Arrowhead StadiumWe did a little tailgating. Aaron and I are the only ones that had tailgated before. We can thank KSU for that one!

Then it was inside the stadium for the game. We were sitting in the end zone, 4th row from the field! It was really cool. Too bad the Chiefs are horrible!! Here are few pics from the game.
And of course, this picture is courtesy of Aaron! You gotta take a some pictures of the Chief Cheerleaders. Which, I have to say I danced with them on this field when I was in high school!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Biggest scrare of my life

So, Aaron and I went to KC Saturday night/Sunday. We went with some friends to watch the Chief's game Sunday afternoon. We got home early evening and Eli was a grump. He had been screaming since he had woken up (only about 30 minutes from when we got home). So I gave him some tylenol. Then about 10 minutes later, I had told Aaron that I had given Eli tylenol. This is what he heard, "Give Eli some tylenol." So, Eli got another dose of tylenol.

So, I called the on call doc (Dr. Patron, thank goodness!). This was our conversation:
Me: "My son has had 2 doses of tylenol in 10 minutes."
Doc: "It's ok."
ME: "Are you sure? (then i proceeded to tell him the story)
Doc: Laughing, he says, "Your husband must have selective hearing like me. I did the same thing with son and cough medicine. He'll be fine, just don't give him any more tonight."
He continued to talk through some things with me and made me feel a lot better! He also said I should give Aaron and hug and kiss. I thought I was going to have to take Eli in to the ER. The doctor said that it would take like 10 times that amount before it would have an affect like that on him. So.... I still feel horrible that it happened, but thank goodness for on call doctors! And, yes, Eli is fine! He was running around the house like nothing had happened!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip to the Farm

Saturday we ventured up to Concordia to visit my family. I have been so excited to take Eli up there because he's SO into farm animals, tractors, combines, etc. So....the farm.....a perfect place for a little boy. I must say, he LOVED it.
We left around 8am, after Aaron got home from work. Eli had been up since about 6am. So, I thought maybe he's sleep on the way up there. Nope, he was awake the WHOLE way! He did great until we were about 2o miles from my aunts house. He wanted OUT! So, we got to my aunts house and we let him run all around in her back yard. She has a cute little pond with lily pads and frogs that sit on the lily pads. Eli watched the frogs and the fish, then continued to run around the back yard with their little dog.
After we got a little cold, we went inside and my aunt had made chocolate chip cookies and banana cake. Wow, she can cook. We all enjoyed a nice snack, then headed to the depot that is up the HWY from her house. It used to be an old train depot and now they have an apple orchard and pumpkins. Here are come pics from the depot.

This was the hay maze he ran through! He loved coming in and out of the door!

An apple cider slush!

Lots and lots of pumpkins! This last picture is of him going down the apple orchard!

Then we headed to the farm:

"Moos, moos!" Eli spooked the cattle by his excited version of the cow sound!

Eli got to ride in the combine with my grandpa! Apparently he loved it!

This picture was too cute! Papa, Eli and Great Grandma!

It was a great trip! I'm so thankful that everyone took some time out of their day to allow us to come and spend the day. I know Eli LOVED it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Barney... It's educational!!

Today we were watching Barney. I have to say, Eli loves it! Today's show was about trucks, another thing that Eli LOVES! This first video is of them singing "Old MacDonald", one of Eli's favorite songs. He makes some of the noises while they're singing, but mostly he's just so in to the tv!

This next video is when they started talking about the fire truck. As you know, Eli's daddy is a fireman. Any time we see a fire truck or ambulance, it's daddy's! So right away he started saying, "daddy, daddy." This also brought on the subject that daddy is at work today. A little bit of tears and then proceeded to have the worst time going down for his nap. Thanks Barney!!!

Some Adult Fun!

Wednesday night our small group went on a scavenger hunt. About once a month we have fun night together. So I had Aaron's parents put together a hunt around town. I don't think the boys were too thirlled at first, but once the competition start, it was on!!!

The rules:
1. We had an hour to get to as many places as we could.
2. We had to take a picture of the place to show proof!
The clues:

1. Infirmary ---- hospital
2. Thresher on the green. ---- Bethel college

3. Doggy Jail ---- Caring Hands Humane Society
Yes --- someone dropped a dog off and tied it to the pole. Luckily, as we were pulling away with too many people in one car, a police officer was coming to pick it up.

4. Once decapitated Man

Ok --- so we didn't get this one! The guys did and they have the picture. It was a statue of an old Mennoite settler at Athletic Park. His head had fallen off at one time, but is back on. I'll try to get it soon!

5. Pyramid of Ammunition-- at the library

6. Kwik ly find an owl of Pine---- down the street from the Kwik Shop on Pine street

7. Pittsburg State Mascot --- "Sir, we're on a scavenger hunt. Can we take a picture with your gorilla?"

8. Sly canine mountain game field

9. Dented, damaged, outdated, nourishment center

10. People gazing heavenward ----- The Blue Sky Project.

Ok --- we didn't get this one either. I'm not going to post our picture, but lets just say we went to a place that involved tombstones!!!!! BUT--- the boys got it right :(

11. Blanket supply store -- quilt store

We didn't get that one either. Some of us thought maybe it was a thrift store, but Kendall was right. It was the quilt shop! And YES, the boys got this one right!

12. Evening house of education

Both boys and girls thought it was the Hutch Community College at Axtell Clinic, however it was Sunset Elementary School!

13. Roll back central

14. New town water feature
15. Mexico's most popular religous and cultrual image
Ok--- so we thought this was Mary outside of St. Mary's Church. However, it was a statue at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Who knew!!!!
It was a fun evening for us! I guess I should say for me! Yes, the boys won. They missed less than we did, but we took the time and got out and took pictures with the places. That should count for something, right???!