Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good-Bye Jake

So last summer we lost our Great Dane, Bailey. We quickly replaced her, not by my choice, with another dog named Jake! He started out being cute, but he has grown SO much and is WAY too big! He's chewing the bark off our tree, he's chewed Eli's swing completely off the swing set...just to name a few! So today, we are giving him away. Don't worry, he's going to a nice family that lives out in the country. They even said that we can have him back later when he gets older... I don't foresee us wanting him back, but it's nice to know that's an option! So for now, we're saying good bye to Jake.... I'm wondering how I'm going to explain this to Eli!


Jenny said...

We had to give our dog away too last summer.=( She was just too big and when she chewed through chiken wire to chew the air conditioner hose, we decided she needed to live somewhere she could run more and have other dogs to play with. So Jeff's boss kindly took her in. It was hard to explain to the kids though. Good luck with Eli.