Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Family

I love my family! My mom grew up in Wichita with 1 sister and 2 brothers. They all got married and started famililes of their own, in Wichita. I am the third oldest....there are 12 of us grandchildren. I LOVE big famililes! I am always so jealous of my friends that get together with their big famililes for holidays. We used to do that and I miss them SOOOO much! Notice before I said we "used to".... everyone has moved away! My mom's sister lives in Florida with her husband and 3 kids. (I don't have a picture of her b/c she wasn't here visiting! Sorry Kandi!)This is my uncle Bert and Eli. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and 5 kids. (Well...all but 1 has gone to college,etc.)
This is my Uncle Brent. He lives in Texas with his wife and 2 kids.

This is my Grandma. As Eli called her, Grandma Sherry! She used to live in Wichita until I was in college, then her and my Grandad moved to Pennsylvania. We missed having you here Grandad!4 generations
The grandmas with Eli!
Everyone was not here visiting for a pleasent reason. My great uncle passed away and the funeral was on Saturday. I was so happy that my Grandma got to come with my uncle though. I haven't gotten to see her since Eli was 2 weeks old! It was so good to see everyone...I just wish EVERYONE could have been here. The last time we were all together was for my cousin Rachel's wedding....which was 4 years ago. That was sooo much fun to have everyone there!
I know that people grow older and people move away. That's how life is, but I don't like it. Not at all! I wish we all still lived in the same state and saw each other way more than we do now. It was very hard for me to say good bye to my Grandma. I miss having her around so much. Every time I go to Wichita I think about how if they still lived here, I would be calling them and going to see them.
I hope that I get to see them again sooner than later! I am excited that we may be making a trip down to Texas this summer to see my uncle Brent and his family. I want to do something fun with Eli before this new little addition comes!
We LOVE you all and MISS you more than you know!
(If one of you wants to plan a reunion.....I think that would be awesome!!!!!)


Kara Janzen said...

I COMPLETELY know how you feel about your family!! I feel the exact same way and it's been hard for me to move to NE to be away from my immediate family and some of my extended family. I was sad, even at my grandma's funeral, not all of the cousins could be there. It's so hard to think of all the fun memories and realize that life does change and people move away and it's so much harder to get together! What a blessing we have though to feel so close to our families!