Tuesday, June 30, 2009 2

On Thursday we went to the Dallas Zoo. We thought Eli would enjoy riding the train to the zoo. It takes you directly to the front door of the zoo and took about an hour to get there! It was a lot of fun...very interesting people on that train!Aunt Mary, Uncle Brent, Eric....Aaron and Eli
There weren't a whole lot of animals out and about today! I guess it was pretty hot for them too!
The ground hog tunnel! Lots of little bubbles that you can poke your head up in and see them run around you!

In the "Little Kid" area they had this great stream that the kids could walk around in. I walked around with felt great on my feet and helped them to not swell the whole time we were at the zoo!
This elephant was funny! It was washing himself...then walked over to the mud and dirt and flew dirt on him. I guess they use the dirt to keep them cool????
"Eli, what do you say when you shake hands with someone?"
"Nice to meet you, nice to meet you!"

After a fun...exhausting...and hot day at the zoo, we went home for naps! Then my aunt and uncle took Aaron and I out for our anniversary! We will b married 5 years on July 17. We went to this nice Italian place with LOTS of food! My cousins are in high they stayed home with Eli! Eli LOVED it!
Ignore how yucky I look....remember I had been on my feet all day!!!! Aaron looks great though!
My aunt and uncle.....great people and great hosts! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!

Cousin to watch Eli that night! (I think whether she wanted to or not!!!)


Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

Don't you love the "feet swelling in the summer while pregnant thing?" I certainly did last summer. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.